Coffin Joe

Friday the 13th

T he latest Friday the 13th sequels have sucked. You could've written it better yourself. Those characters were lame. You could've come up with better characters. In fact, you had this story in your head a while ago... You had your own idea for a sequel after part 6, but the studio went ahead and made a part 7. Damn! If only you had written it down...

W rite it down now! And once you have it down, e-mail it to me! I'm going to collect your short stories and publish them here, for all to see! If you didn't like part 5, write your own. Wanna add your idea to what happened between parts 8 and 9? Do it. Write it as a script, a narrative, or a beatnik poem. In fact, you can add whatever drawings or pictures you'd like (but not too big, ok?). Make a comic strip if you want. Just get your story here!

I n fact, I'll be contributing some work of my own. So prove to me that you are better than I am... ;>

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