Coffin Joe

Friday the 13th

FRIDAY THE 13TH The Hunt For Jason Voorhees

NOTE: The following story takes place 4 years after the events in the original Friday The 13th film. That’s 1 year BEFORE part 2.



Ms. Voorhees is dead. Her head was lopped off by a lone survivor. It was Ms. Voorhees that had killed Steve, Bill, Marcie, and the rest of Alice’s friends that horrible Friday the 13th night. But, in the end, it was Alice that won. It was she who separated Ms. Voorhees head from her neck.

But the nightmare was far from over. Ms. Voorhees had a son. His name was Jason. He drowned as a boy in Crystal Lake while spending the summer at the camp….. Camp Crystal Lake. Ms. Voorhees had blamed the camp councilors for her boy’s death.

"Jason should have been watched every minute." She once said. " He was… He wasn’t a very good swimmer."

Victim after bloody victim fell prey to her vengeful wrath. But Alice was no prey! Alice won! Her friends were dead but she had avenged them. Ms. Voorhees was no more.

Then, one month later, tragedy struck. Alice was found dead in her apartment. Blood was everywhere at the scene of the crime. But who killed her?

Some say that Jason was never truly dead… That he never drowned as a boy… That, in fact, he’s still out there. By now he would be full-grown. He’s surviving in the forests of Crystal Lake, feeding off wild animals and vegetation. Each year, a number of people claim to have actually seen him wondering aimlessly through the wilderness.

Many say it was indeed Jason who killed Alice that day. They say he saw his mother beheaded and took his revenge.

But is Jason truly out there, living in the forests of Crystal Lake? Or could this be nothing more than silly superstition and folklore? Is there any truth to the legend of Jason Voorhees? Three men are about to find out…



"Why don’t you get off my back, you nag," Felix yelled at his wife, who had spent the last half hour bugging him about not haven taken out the garbage.

"Look, Felix, I only asked you to do one simple thing but you’re such a moron that you can’t even do it! Why don’t you start showing that you can handle some responsibility around here for once!"

"My god! It’s just trash! So I forgot to take it out. Big deal! So sue me!"

The argument lasted for a half-hour more. Then they were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

Felix crossed his tiny living room and opened .the front door. He was happy to see his good friend, Moony, standing on the front porch.

"Moony! Hey man! How’s it going?"

"Good," Moony said, making his way in to Felix’s living room. "There was another report today."

"Report?" Felix was curious. "What report?"

"Another Jason sighting!"

The two men had kept up with the Jason sightings for the last 4 years. It began just after that killing spree out there in 1980.

"Another sighting huh?"

"That’s right," Moony settled in to an old, creaky rocking chair. "That makes three witnesses so far this year! First the deer hunter and now the two bicyclers. They each describe the same damn thing… A burly, lumbering, man wearing a sack over his head. As soon as he’s spotted, he takes off in to the brush."

Felix sat down on the sofa opposite of Moony. He felt an object under him and reached down to pull it out. It was the TV remote. He laid it on the coffee table next to a stack of old Karate magazines.

"We gotta get out there," Felix said. "If Jason’s out there, we gotta see it. We gotta kill it!"

"It?" Asked Moony.

"This ain’t some man. This is a beast! An animal! He killed that girl didn’t he?"

"Yeah. If you trust the stories."

"Well, do you?"

Moony thought for a moment, not wanting to answer too quickly. The stories make Jason out to be some retarded boy trapped in a man’s body… An angry man/child, crying for his mother’s return. Could this angry man/child be dangerous… A beast?

"Sure," said Moony.

"So, what do ya say? You want to go out there and hunt down this Jason Voorhees!"

Moony smiled at Felix, with a childlike grin.

Felix said, "Let’s call Cheetah."

Felix went to the phone and made the quick call. He explained the situation to Cheetah.

"Cheetah, we need ya. You’re the best sharp shooter we know."

"Well," Cheetah had said, feeling somewhat proud of his abilities to handle a riffle, "okay then."

Cheetah, so called because of his amazing speed, showed up at Felix’s house within the hour.

Felix, Moony, and Cheetah sat around the kitchen table. A map of Crystal Lake, and the surrounding forest region, lay before them. Felix had marked the spots where Jason was sighted over the last four years. There were a total of a dozen markings on the map.

Felix’s wife watched from the living room. She was shaking her head in disgust at the sight of Felix sitting around the table with his buddies. They looked like children having a club meeting.

Felix said, "If we focus here," He pointed at a spot on the map where 6 of the twelve sightings had occurred. "We might be able to track him down."

"This will be fun," Moony said, happily. "It’ll give me a chance to get away from my ‘ho hum’ life."

"Your ‘ho hum’ life?" Said Felix. "What about mine?" He looked at his wife, standing in the living room.

She frowned back, then stomped down the short hallway, and in to the bedroom. She slammed the door shut behind her.

Felix looked at Cheetah and asked him, "Don’ forget to bring your gun."

"Why? You gonna shoot your wife?" Cheetah Laughed.

Felix rolled his eyes. "Just don’t forget the riffle. We’re gonna blow Jason to kingdom come!"



She was a $50 hooker, and well worth every penny. Her name was Harmony. She had no last name, or at least not one she ever used. Harmony hung out at the rest area off the interstate, waiting for action. She was a beautiful 21-year-old girl with a nice body. Her tight skirt and top showed it off well.

It was just after 6 o’clock when the black pick-up rolled in to the rest area parking lot. Three middle-aged men stepped out and began to stretch. They were handsome men. Especially the tallest one. He had a muscular body, but not too muscular. Just the way Harmony liked them.

Moony noticed Harmony and pointed her out to Cheetah and Felix.

"Wow," said Moony. "She’s sexy. Wanna pick her up?"

Cheetah laughed, "You are so lame!"

"Yeah, you tell me that a lot."

"Well, you’re talking about getting a hooker! Are you that desperate?"

"No," Moony defended himself. "But look at her. My god, she is so beautiful. We could take her with us. How much do ya think she’d charge for a weekend in the wilderness?"

"A lot," Felix said.

"Oh shit," Moony exclaimed. "She’s coming over!"

Moony nearly jumped in to the pick-up like a shy boy at a school dance.

Cheetah laughed, "You are so lame!"

Harmony made her way over to the three men.

"Hi," she said to the tall, muscular one.

"Hi," Felix responded. "How are you?"

"Looking for a good time?"

"No. We’re looking for Jason Voorhees."

Harmony felt rejected. "Oh. Well, I’m here in case you want me. Just fifty dollars."

Moony cleared his throat and took a deep breath, then belted out, "How much for a weekend in the wilderness with us?"


Reverend Clearwater Jones took his usual place at the top of the steps leading in to the drug store. Town’s people simply walked right by him, paying little or no attention to the words he shouted.

"Therefore do not be afraid of them. Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed nor secret that will not be known. What I say to you in darkness, speak in the light. If what you hear is a whisper, proclaim it on the housetops," Clearwater shouted.

"Did God ever say you had to proclaim it from my steps, you lunatic!" Phil, the owner of the drugstore said in disgust. "Why don’t you get the hell out of here! Go preach your gospel to the cows!"

"Did you say to ‘the cows’ you poor UN-saved soul? Is it the cows that, with their evil moo, do harm to this mother earth? Is every moo from their mouths a subliminal message telling our young people to be lazy and sloth-like? Is the cow an instrument of the devil, like sex, drugs, and rock and roll?

Phil shrugged, "That would explain why the aliens are mutilating them."

Clearwater became outraged. "Then go eat more hamburgers, you damn sinner!"

"This town is full of crack pots," Phil said. "Between you and Ralph, I’m not sure who is crazier. Jesus Christ!"

"Mind your foul tongue, you demonic fuck!" Clearwater scowled.

"Just get off my steps before I call the cops."

"No police man can stop the work of the Lord God!"

" Oh yeah? We’ll just see about that, Clearwater!"

Phil went back in the store and phoned the police. Clearwater was not phased. He continued to preach and quote from the Holy Bible. His words were loud enough to be heard on the other side of town.

People were crossing to the other side of the street so they wouldn’t have to get too close to him.

"Children of God, it is His message that I bring you! I am but the hand of the savior….. The pawn of the king….. The trumpet played on the lips of the creator! Hear my song and dance to my tune. It’s a slow dance but as the tempo quickens, so too will your heart, and so too will your soul."

The black pick-up pulled up in front of the drug store. Felix stepped out.

"….. The end is near for we can truly read the signs of the times. Do not think that your savior came to bring peace to the world! He came with the sword, and it shall pierce every heart!"

In the pick-up, Harmony could hear Clearwater’s words loud and clear. While Moony and Cheetah cracked jokes about the preacher, she simply listened… There was something about what he was saying that seemed to touch her very soul.

"For the Lord said, ‘I have come to set a son against his father and a daughter against her own mother….. And one’s enemies will be in one’s own household!"

Harmony felt coldness deep inside her but couldn’t understand why.

"Uh, pardon me preacher," Felix said. "We’re looking for a place and need directions. Have you lived around here long enough to know where we can find-"

"You are indeed lost, but is not the lake that will show you the way, unless you allow me to baptize you in it."

"How did you know we were going to the lake?"

"I can see things, sinner. The Lord whispers in my ear and tells me that you are man in need of saving. I am the finger of God, who will crush out the evil of this world that was once a worthy footstool for our God. He once again must rest his feet and may they find comfort in the-"

A police siren interrupted Clearwater. It came from a motorcycle. Sargent Dwarf dismounted

And came over.

"Okay there, preacher man, time for you to beat it,"

Dwarf said.

Clearwater frowned. "And so he’s back. He’s the man behind the badge. And he’s after your soul."

"Can it preacher man," Dwarf noticed Felix. "Hey, I haven’t you around these parts before. Watcha doing out here?"

"Just came out to, uh, see the sights," Felix said. "I mean, uh, ya know, just passing through."

In the pick-up, Cheetah was busy slipping the riffle under the seat. Harmony was still thinking about what the preacher had said… "Daughter against her own mother"…"One’s enemies will be in one’s own household."

Dwarf spotted Harmony in the pick-up. He could see by the way that she was dressed that something wasn’t right.

"Hey, watcha got in there, a hooker?"

"Uh, a hooker?"

"What, did you just get off a space ship or something? Cat house mama… Daughter of the night… Slut… Prostitute… Whore… Dig it?"

"No, officer, she’s, uh, my sister. She’s just coming along for the ride... I mean the trip."

Dwarf’s attention went back to Clearwater who was picking up his stool and moving on.

"That’s right, preacher man," Dwarf said. "Get walking and don’t let me catch your keister preachin’ around here no more."

Dwarf looked back to Felix.

"Now you listen here, mister," Dwarf said. "You and your sister from the red light district just get the hell on outta here. You’ll be hearin’ from me if ya don’t."

Felix stifled a laugh as Dwarf got back on his motorcycle and drove away.

Clearwater was only a few yards down the road. Felix called to him. Upon hearing his name shouted, Clearwater stopped and turned around. Tears were streaming down his face.

"Sinner," he said to Felix, "you wish to hunt a man?"

Felix was stunned. This preacher was obviously a great psychic.

"We are looking for Camp Crystal Lake. It’s a good place to start."

"To start what?" Clearwater asked. "The devil’s work?"

"No, preacher, to finish the devil’s work. That so-called ‘man’ out there, if he even exists, is not a human. He’s a beast."

"He can be saved."

"He can be what?"

"As the doer of His will, I can not allow this UN-holy deed to transpire."

"So what are you saying, preacher?"

"I’m saying that I will net let you destroy a man! He can be saved! And it is I, Reverend Clearwater Joan’s, who will save him. And it is you… Felix is it? It is you, Felix, who will take me to him."

"It is you, Clearwater Jones, who is insane!"

Felix started to turn away but Clearwater shouted out:

"The police would be very interested to know that you and you companions will be tromping around in the Crystal Lake wilderness with guns. Not to mention the fact that the camp you wish to go to is off limits, by order of the Crystal Lake PD"

Felix turned back to Clearwater. He knew there was nothing he could do but take him with them.

"But," Felix said. "We haven’t got room for you. We got four squeezed in to one seat as it is. Harmony will have to sit on your lap."



After traveling for a few miles down a dirt road, the black pick -up finally came to its destination. Felix saw it first, then the others. It was an eerie sight to say the least. It was only a sign, but on the sign were the words: WELCOME TO CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE. They had arrived.

"This is it," Felix said. "This is really it. This is where it happened."

Felix stopped in front of the sign and the five of them sat in total silence for what felt like an eternity.

It was Harmony who finally broke the silence when she suddenly blurted out, "You know what, preacher? You got a bonny lap." Then she squirmed to get comfortable. Her squirming gave Reverend Clearwater a hard on, and he said a silent prayer for it to go away.

"Well," Cheetah was acetous to get out and take a look around. "Let’s unload and move out."

And so they did…

The cabins were empty now but there were still bloodstains and broken windows to remind intruders of the crimes that had occurred there 4 years ago. It was like stepping out of reality and in to a horror movie set. It seemed that danger lurked around each corner… as if someone was watching them. Could it be Jason? Or might it just be the ghosts of the past… Steve, Bill, Neddy? Perhaps their spirits still wondered the wilderness.

"This place is freaky," said Moony. He was visibly shaking.

"Moony," Cheetah said, "you are so lame."

"Why don’t you just shut the hell-"

"Hey! Both of you knock it off!" Felix was use to braking up fights between Moony and Cheetah before they could get started.

Harmony looked around. "Hey, where did my seat go?"

"Huh?" Felix, Cheetah, and Moony said in unison.

"The preacher, Clearwater. Where is he?"

They each looked around but he was no where in sight. He had just disappeared from the face of the- Oh wait…

"There he is," Felix pointed to Clearwater, who stood on a near by rise, holding out a cross in one hand and the Bible in the other.

"What’s that psycho doing? He’s crazy," Cheetah said.

"He’s saying a blessing," Felix said.

"For what?"

"For the Camp. He’s trying to make this Holy ground."

"Oh Christ," Cheetah said.

"Yup. That’s the idea," Felix smiled to his friend than picked up his pack. "Let’s take a look around."

Everything was just as they had read about in the newspapers. They walked around the ghost camp, nick named ‘Camp Blood’ by the locals. They even saw the beach where Ms.Voorhees had lost her head. They each gulped at the though of it.

Again they were silent and again it was Harmony who broke that silence…..

"Why the hell am I here?"

Felix turned to her and said, "Because we’re paying you."

"Look, Felix the cat, I’m a hooker. I screw you, you screw me. Ya know? I don’t wonder around listening to you talk about Jason and his psycho mom. This isn’t my job! When is somebody gonna fuck me?"

After Clearwater finished blessing the area, he went looking for his companions. When he found them, they were on the beach having a ‘three way’ with Harmony.


Moony and Cheetah jumped and looked at Clearwater.

Felix had his penis in Harmony’s mouth and hardly took notice of Clearwater.

"You brood of vipers! How can you possibly have a place reserved for you at the right hand of the Father when your very soul is corrupted? We came here to find Jason Voorhees, not to dip our feet in a well of sin! Repent!"

There were a few moments when the only sounds were the wind and Harmony sucking Felix’s shaft.

Clearwater muttered. "I will probably have better luck saving Jason than this bunch!"


"What the hell are you people doing out here?"

The voice came from the brush. Cheetah and Moony looked to see who spoke. Felix had an orgasm, and then he too looked to the brush.

"Who’s there?" Clearwater asked.

Out from the brush stepped a one armed man.

"What are you people doing here?" The one armed man asked again.

"We’ll tell you why we’re here after you tell us why you’re here," Felix said.

"It’s none of your fucking business what I’m here for. But to be fair, I will answer you... I’m here to find the man that chopped off my arm. He’s called Jason Voorhees. Now, why are you here?"

Felix looked at Cheetah and Moony, then back to the one armed man.

"We’re here looking for the same man."

The one armed man looked at them… The naked girl on the ground, the man with his penis hanging out, the two other men with their tongues hanging out, and a preacher. ‘Hmmm. These people are looking for Jason’?

"Did you bring weapons?" Bonniface asked them.

Clearwater took a step forward. "People! Sinners! We must not resort to guns and knives! We are armed with the power of God!"

The one armed man rolled his eyes. "My name," he said, "is Bonniface. I was out here with my girlfriend about a year ago. We had a tent and were spending a romantic night together in the wilderness when a man… a beast dragged her out of the tent by her leg and broke her neck right in front of my eyes. He was wearing a sack over his head and-"

"Jason," Felix said.

"That’s right," said Bonniface. "And, trust me gentleman, you’re gonna need weapons. Holy water and a crucifix won’t stop Jason Voorhees!"

"But the power of God will!"

Felix had heard enough.

"Shut your God fearing trap, preacher! Now that we’re here, you can’t threaten us with the police anymore. You wanna hike to town and tell on us? Then go ahead! In the mean time, we call the shots, not you and not God. Get me?"

Clearwater frowned at Felix. Then he simply turned and walked in to the forest. He prayed a silent prayer that he would find Jason first, before those barbarians. With God on his side, he would find Jason, save his soul, and reform him.

"Good bye preacher!" Cheetah called out.

"What’s he gonna do?" Moony wondered. "Wonder around the wilderness by himself?"

"Let him go," Felix said. "We don’t need him." He turned to Bonniface. "What about you? Do you have a weapon?"

"I sure do," Bonniface held up a 9-millimeter handgun with his only arm. "I’m gonna that fucker right between the eyes."

That night, around a campfire, Bonniface told stories about his beloved wife, whom Jason had killed. He obviously had loved her very much. He told about how he had tried to save her but Jason had lopped off his arm with a swift stroke of a machete.

Harmony asked, "Didn’t you report it to the police? What did they say?"

"They said it was probably a bear. A fucking bear! But I know better. They just don’t want to admit that Jason’s out here. They don’t want to create panic. But they know he’s here. They know."

There was silence for quite some time until…..

"Anybody want to go in to one of the cabins with me?" Harmony said. "I’m still on the clock. Or should I say, ‘still on the cock’ ?"



Clearwater walked beside the edge of the lake when, suddenly, he spotted something in the shallow water, about 20 feet out.

"Oh Holy Mary, mother of God!"

It was dark but by the light of the moon, Clearwater could make out the features of a burly man, slouching over and filling a bucket with water. Over his head, the man wore a sack. It was none other than Jason Voorhees! He did exist!

"Jason," Clearwater called out.

The man in the water dropped the bucket and turned to look at Clearwater.

"Jason, my name is Reverend Clearwater Jones. I came here for you. I want to save you, Jason."

The man in the water didn’t move.

Clearwater found it odd that he was UN-able to read Jason’s thoughts as he could everyone else’s. Jason’s brain was a whirlwind of crazed thoughts. Clearwater could make nothing of it.

"Jason, stay where you are, sinner. I’m coming in."

Clearwater took off his shoes and rolled up his pant legs. The he began to wade out in to the water, towards Jason. In his left hand he carried a golden chalice. In his right hand was a crucifix.

"I give you praise oh Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth. For, though you have hidden these truths from the learned and the wise, you have revealed them to the childlike."

Clearwater was only ten feet from Jason now.

"Yes, Father, such is your gracious will. Come to me you who are burdened and I will give you rest."

Clearwater was only five feet from Jason.

"Behold my servant whom I have chosen, my beloved in whom I delight. I shall place my spirit upon him, says the Lord."

Clearwater stood nose to nose with Jason Voorhees.

"A good person brings forth good out of a store of goodness, and an evil person brings forth evil from a store of evil. I tell you this day that on the day of judgement, people will render an account for every careless word and every careless deed."

Clearwater dipped the golden chalice in to the lake, filling it with water. Then he said a blessing over the water, and raised the chalice above Jason’s head.

"Do you, Jason Voorhees reject Satan and his evils?"

He poured the water over Jason’s head.

"Do you trust in the Lord your God, the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?"

Jason reached for the crucifix.

"That’s it. Take the crucifix, my child. You are a part of his flock."

Jason grabbed the crucifix, and looked at it.

"You are now a child of God and a part of His Holy church. Your soul shall be saved, Jason Voorhees."

Jason raised the crucifix in to the air.

"Glory to God in the highest!" Clearwater shouted. "And peace to His people on Earth!"

Jason brought the crucifix down, stabbing Clearwater in the chest. Blood spurted out like a fountain. Then Jason brought the crucifix down again, this time in to Clearwater’s eye. The he brought it down again and again and again…

Reverend Clearwater Jones would finally get to see God.



Base camp was set up in one of the cabins. Harmony was to stay behind and wait. Moony stayed with Harmony. Felix, Cheetah, and Bonniface went out to find Jason.

The time was just past noon.

Cheetah carried his MI riffle. It was old but effective. It was the same riffle his father had used during World War Two. Cheetah merely added a high power scope and made a couple other minor modifications. He often boasted that could "shoot a gnat off the ear of a goat from a hundred yards." Though he had to admit that he never had tried.

Bonniface had his 9-millimeter in a holster. In his boot he had a military issue knife that he picked up at an Army surplus store. He had tried to get his hands on a grenade but was unsuccessful in his attempts to steel one. In his pocket were two small, electronic tracking devices that he’d made himself.

Felix had no gun. He had his hands and feet. That’s everything he needed. ‘Five years of karate had better pay off’.

Cheetah, Bonniface, and Felix tromped through the forest brush, constantly on the lookout. Every rabbit or deer made them freeze, ready to kill.

Cheetah enjoyed stopping every now and then to test his skills. He would aim at tiny squirrels and chipmunks, and blow them away.

"So," Cheetah said, as they moved along. "Let me be the first to go on record as saying, we ain’t gonna find jack shit out here!"

Felix replied, "I bet we do! Twenty bucks says we find Jason."

"Twenty bucks says you are so damn lame!"

"Yo, Cheetah," Felix was tired of the whole ‘your so lame’ thing. "Why don’t you cut that out with the ‘lame’ shit"

"I speak only the truth, and the truth is without a doubt, you are LAME!"

Felix had heard enough. "Just keep your eyes peeled."

Bonniface couldn’t help but wonder, ‘How the hell did I ever get hooked up with these morons?’

Felix noticed that Bonniface hadn’t spoken in a while.

"Bonniface, how did you manage to keep from bleeding to death when Jason chopped your arm off?"

"I jammed the stub in the camp fire."


"Yeah. Ouch. So why are you after this guy? Curiosity?"

"Yes. That and the fact that I’m a sportsman. I like to hunt."

There was movement in the trees ahead.

"Shhh," Bonniface raised a hand to halt Felix and Cheetah.

"What?" Cheetah followed Bonniface’s gaze. "See something?"

"Straight ahead," Bonniface pointed. "There."

There was more movement. It was certainly a humanoid shape, lurking in the shadows, only about twenty yards ahead of them. Cheetah raised his riffle and looked through the scope. A large pine shadowed the figure. He couldn’t make out features, only a shape.

"It might be Moony or Harmony," Felix said.

"Harmony has no reason to be out here. And Moony’s to much of a scardey cat," Cheetah replied.

Felix felt his muscles tighten. "Could it be?"

Bonniface didn’t want to wait and find out. "I say shoot first and ask questions later."

"But," Felix began. "What if it’s just some hunter?"

"Then he’s about to take a bullet. He ain’t wearing a proper orange hunting vest or hat. He deserves to die."

"What! Neither are we!" Felix pointed out.

"Cheetah was waiting, his sights set on the shape.

Bonniface put his hand on Cheetah’s shoulder.

"Fire when ready."

Cheetah began to pull the trigger.

Suddenly the shape burst from the shadows.

It was… BANG… Sargent Dwarf, the police officer from town.

Felix was stunned. ‘Oh God! Cheetah fired. He fired!’

"Oh Jesus!" Cheetah was horrified. "I shot him. Oh Jesus! Somebody tell me that’s Jason in a cop uniform!"

"He’s the one from town," Felix said, moving in for a closer look. "He must have guessed where we were heading and came out to catch us red handed."

Cheetah touched the dead body. "Oh Jesus! I killed him! What do we do?"

"We gotta report this," Felix said.

Bonniface glared at Felix, as did Cheetah.

"Listen to me, you shit head, we ain’t reporting this! You hear me?" Bonniface pulled his 9 millimeter and put it to Felix’s head. "I said, ‘you hear me’?"


"No buts! You say ‘yes sir’!"

"Ye-" Felix gulped. "Yes s- sir."

"Good," Bonniface put his gun away and turned to Cheetah. "Well, Cheetah?"

"I don’t want to go to jail," Cheetah said. "Let’s hide the body and get the hell out of here!"

Bonniface nodded. "Agreed."

Felix wanted to just walk away. He wanted no part in a cover up! But he stayed to help bury the body none the less. Once Dwarf was under ground, the three of them stood over the "grave" in silence… a silence that Harmony wasn’t around to break.

Cheetah was freaked out. He was completely bewildered by what had happened. He felt as though a dark cloud had come over him. He had to run. Run from what? Who knows! But he had to run from something, and so he bolted.

"Cheetah!" Felix shouted. "Come back! Where are you going?"

Bonniface shook his head. "He’s lost it!"

Felix tried to chase after Cheetah, but he couldn’t keep up. Cheetah was long gone!

After ten minutes of running top speed, Cheetah collapsed to the ground in tears. ‘Oh, god, I’m a murderer. I killed a man.’

A shadow came over him. He looked up. ‘Jason?’

A large man stood over him, wearing a bag over his head. There was one tiny eyehole in the bag. In his right hand was an ax. It was that ax that hacked in to Cheetah’s head.

Soon, Felix and Bonniface came running up. They saw Jason dragging Cheetah’s dead body behind him.

"There he is! Shoot!"

Bonniface pulled his 9 and fired. The bullet grazed Jason’s shoulder but did no real damage. Jason let go of Cheetah’s body and began to shuffle away. Bonniface aimed the 9 at Jason’s head and pulled the trigger… nothing… the gun wasn’t firing.

"What the hell?" The 9 had never mis-fired before!

Jason was getting away. Bonniface pulled one of the electronic devices from his pocket. It was a tiny beacon, with a needle sticking out of it. I looked much like a throwing dart. He’d practiced throwing it for the last full year. He couldn’t miss… and he didn’t! He threw the dart and it stuck in to Jason’s middle back.

Jason continued to shuffle away, and soon he disappeared.

"What was that thing you threw at him? A tranquilizer?

"No," Bonniface said. "It’s a homing beacon." He pulled the other electronic device from his pocket. "It sends signals to this device here. Now we can track him."





Meanwhile, back at the camp, Moony was humping Harmony. After an explosive orgasm, he rolled off of her.

He was shaking. He was so nervous around women, but so horny. He just had to screw her, but… Was he good? Did she enjoy it?

"That was great," Harmony said.

Moony felt his stomach jump. "What did you say?"

"I said, ‘that was great’. Was it good for you?"

Moony was so shocked that he could barely say, "Y- yes. It, uh, it was wonderful."

Harmony smiled. "Good," she said, and got out off the cot. "I’m going down to the lake to wash off."

She left the cabin.

Moony was still in shock. ‘I was great? My God! She said I was great’!

Suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps.

"Harmony? Is that you?"

Down at the lake, Harmony was skinny-dipping.

Suddenly, a blood curdling sound came from the cabin. It was Moony, screaming out in pain!

"Oh shit! MOONY!"

Harmony raced out of the water, not stopping for her cloths, and burst in to the cabin. What she saw made her vomit.

On the bed, Moony lay with his neck sliced open. Blood flowed out of the gaping wound like a waterfall. Harmony was frozen with fear. Vomit had fallen on to her breasts.

She caught sight of something out of the corner of her eye. She turned. A large man wearing a bag over his head stood before her with Cheetah’s M1 riffle in his hand. ‘Oh shit!’


Felix and Bonniface tracked Jason back to the camp.

Harmony was running, screaming her head off. She had managed to knock the riffle out of Jason’s hands and took flight. A slight feeling of joy ran through her when she saw Felix and Bonniface. She ran to them and threw her arms around Felix, kissing him on his cheek.

"Oh thank God. Thank God!" Harmony felt somewhat safe.

"It’s okay, Harmony," Felix held her tight. "You’re okay."

"No," Harmony looked around, franticly. "Jason’s out here. He killed Moony, then he tried to kill me. He’s out here somewhere!"

Bonniface fired his 9, startling Harmony and Felix.

"Good," Bonniface said. "It’s working." He pulled the electronic tracking device from his pocket and looked at the dial on it, pointing south. "He went that way," Bonniface pointed. "Let’s go get that mother fucker!"

"Wait," said Felix. "Let’s check out Moony’s body first."

Harmony put her skirt and top back on, then led Felix and Bonniface to the cabin. But they were surprised to see that Moony’s body was gone! A puddle of blood was in his place. Jason had taken the body….. But to where?

Bonniface went in the direction that his homing device told him to go. Felix and Harmony followed.


Jason had placed Moony and Cheetah in his shrine. Reverend Clearwater’s body was there too. Their bodies were laid in a kind of circle. In the center of it was his mother’s head. What he did, he did for her…For his beloved mother.

Jason sat down and stared at her head, thinking back on his childhood. Images from the past flooded his mind. He felt a tear roll down his cheek.

Bonniface followed the signal to a tiny makeshift shack. It was scrap metal, trash, old wood, and rust, slapped together. It looked like a clubhouse that a small child would build in his back yard. Was this the home of Jason Voorhees?

Jason could hear footsteps out side his shack. He got to his feet, grabbed a machete, and climbed out a hole in the side wall. Moments later, Bonniface, Felix, and Harmony entered. They were shocked at the sight of Jason’s shrine to his mother.

"Oh God!" Harmony exclaimed.

"Jason!" Bonniface shouted. "Where the hell are ya, you murdering son of a bitch?"

Felix had to laugh inside… ‘Son of a bitch? How true!’

Bonniface took off after Jason in the direction that his homing device sent him.

Harmony was sitting on the floor, catching her breath. She looked at Moony and Cheetah. ‘One minute you’re living and breathing, having a good time, and the next… Life is too short to waste... Time to turn over a new leaf.’

"Harmony," Felix said. "You okay? We gotta move out."

Harmony didn’t respond. She just sat, starring at the dead bodies.

Felix took a moment to look around Jason’s shack. There was a lot of junk lying about... stuff he’d stolen, no doubt. The most striking was an old, badly stained a toilet bowl that he’d sat on the floor behind a curtain. Next to it was a metal bucket, filled with what looked like lake water. ‘Jason’s little restroom’.



Bonniface finally caught up to Jason… or so he thought…

The beacon that he’d stuck in to Jason’s back lay on the ground in front of him. It had either fallen out or Jason had taken it out. ‘Damn it! Now what’? Bonniface looked around, scanning the brush and trees. ‘Where are ya, Jason’?

Then, there suddenly came a slight tug on Bonniface’s only arm. He looked down at it… but it was gone. Blood was streaming from a stub that dangled from his shoulder... but no arm!

Bonniface screamed out in utter pain!

He turned abruptly to see Jason standing there with a bloody machete in one hand and Bonniface’s arm in the other. Jason hit Bonniface over head with the arm, knocking him out cold. Then he shoved the tip of the machete in to his gut and made a quick incision, spilling Bonniface’s intestines on to the ground.

Meanwhile, back at Jason’s shack, Harmony still sat on the floor looking at Cheetah and Moony. Felix sat next to her, his arm around her. They stayed like that for a few minutes more before…

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harmony screamed out!

Jason was home!

"Run, Harmony! Get the hell outta here!"

"I’m not leaving without you!"

"Yes you are, now get the hell ou-" Before Felix could finish, Jason lunged at him and talked him to the floor.

Harmony looked around for a weapon.

Felix pushed Jason off and managed to get to his feet. Jason stood as well. Felix took a karate stance and readied for battle.

Jason followed Harmony’s lead, and looked around for a weapon.

Felix did a drop kick that sent Jason to the floor.

"Get up, you shitter! Come on!"

Jason got to his feet and lunged at Felix. Felix threw a quick combination of punches but soon Jason’s weight was upon him. He crashed to the floor on his back. Jason was on top of him.

Harmony grabbed a pickaxe and started towards Jason with it. She swung at Jason’s head. Jason caught the pickaxe, and pulled it from Harmony’s hand. Then he hacked it in to Felix’s head.

"NOOOOO! Felix!"

Jason stood and raised the pickaxe. Harmony ran as fast as she could run, which wasn’t too fast. The tight skirt caused her to move way too slow. As lumbering as Jason was, he was catching up to her fast…


Harmony stopped, only for a moment, to pull the skirt off. Jason was coming.

She tugged at the skirt. "Come off, damn it!"

Jason was closing in…

"Please come off!!!"

The skirt finally slid down her legs and she tossed it aside.

Jason was there! He swung the pickaxe. She bolted. It missed her head by an inch!

Harmony was able to run much faster now.

Once she’s got some distance between herself and Jason, she climbed up a large pine. She got about 20 feet off the ground and then squatted on a branch, staying perfectly still. Jason soon came running past. She watched him go by and then sighed in relief. ‘I will just stay right here for a while’.

Hours went by… Night fell…

Harmony was getting sleepy. ‘I will lean back against the trunk and try to get some sleep’. She leaned back and shut her eyes. Then she heard something. It was a cracking noise below, as if someone had stepped on a stick. She opened her eyes and looked down. To her horror, Jason was standing at the base of the tree, looking up at her!

She screamed out in horror!

Jason still held the pickaxe in his hand. He just stood there, looking at her…. Waiting.

‘If I try to climb down, I will get killed. If I just stay here, it’s only a matter of time before he decides to come up after me’.

Jason tilted his head to one side, as if wondering what to do. While Harmony tried to think of an escape, he was busy trying to come up with a plan for attack.

Harmony had to do something. But what?

Jason waited…..

Harmony reached above her and grabbed on to a branch. Then, with every ounce of strength she began kicking and pushing on the branch she’d just spent the last few hours sitting on. Soon it broke free and fell….. Hitting Jason square on the head, knocking him out.

Harmony climbed down, out of the tree. Just as she touched ground, Jason awoke and grabbed her leg. She screamed and fell to the ground beside him. He put a hand around her throat. She managed to get a hand on the pickaxe and plunged the tip of it in to Jason’s arm, causing him to let her go. She got to her feet and ran away.

Jason chased her!

Harmony knew she could run much faster without carrying the pickaxe but she wasn’t about to throw it aside. Jason would just pick it up and use it!

Suddenly she came across a dirt road. It was the one that led in to camp. Much to her joy, a car was coming!

She could see well enough by the light of the moon that it was a police car. She ran out on to the tiny road and waved her arms.

"Help! Help me please!"

The car stopped and Harmony jumped in the passenger seat.

"What’s wrong miss?" The police officer asked.

"There’s a killer after me! It’s Jason!"

The police officer’s face turned to one of sheer terror. "Jason?"

"Yes! Go! Drive!"

"My buddy, Sergeant Dwarf came out here and hasn’t come back. I came out to look for him. If Jason's out here, he might be in real danger. We gotta find him!"

"No! If your buddy is out there, then he’s dead by now! Let’s get the hell out of here! Now!"

The officer was just about to hit the gas when a hand crashed through the side window and grabbed him around the throat. The officer pulled his gun and put it to Jason’s head. But just as he was about to pull the trigger, Jason broke his neck. The gun fell to the road.

Harmony leaped in to the dead policeman’s lap and pushed the gas pedal. The car darted away!

After she’ driven a few miles, she opened the door and dumped the dead body out. It hit the road with a thump and rolled.

Harmony continued to drive at top-flight speed. ‘Everything is going to be just fine. Calm down. Take a deep breath’.

Just then a hand came in through the broken window. Jason was on the roof of the car! He’d somehow managed to climb on as she sped away!

His hand grabbed her hair. She pulled away hard. Hair was torn from her head as she did so. Then the car went off the road and slammed in to a ditch. Harmony’s head hit the windshield. She was nearly dead.

Jason had landed in the ditch a few feet away. He stumbled to his feet. His vision was blurred and he had a broken leg. He practically crawled over to the car. He opened the door and lifted himself in to the seat. Harmony was still out.

Jason looked at her for a moment and figured she must be dead.

He pulled down his pants and began to have sex with her ‘dead’ body.

Lightning flashed and thunder crashed. There was a storm rolling in. Hail and hard rains pounded the roof of the car and Jason filled Harmony with his sperm….. And on that night, an evil conception took place!

Afterwards, Jason Voorhees went back to his wilderness home.

It wasn’t until the following morning, when another police car came down the road looking for the two missing officers, that Harmony was discovered. She was barely living! She policeman took her to the hospital. She was in critical condition for a few days but soon she would well on her way to a full recovery.

But it wasn’t over…..

Soon it was discovered that Harmony was pregnant, and in her womb she carried twins….. A boy and a girl….. The son and daughter of Jason Voorhees!


The local police did a fine job of covering up the events that occurred. Crystal Lake remained a restricted area. The mayor demanded that police try harder to enforce the restriction, so that no more deaths would occur. To this day, the official police records show that hunting accidents caused the deaths of Felix, his men, and the two officers.