Coffin Joe

Friday the 13th

FRIDAY THE 13TH Jason's Return


one night a group of 5 teenagers were going out to help in camp crystal lake. they didn't fell like going cause on news it had said that 2 teenage boys were found bruttaly murdered in the near by woods in camp crystal lake. Jack had said it was all bull shit but Kelly said its not. lance told them both to settle down. but thats when it happend. them 5 were walking in the woods and they spotted a cleaver drenched in blood. they said o my god i think this is jasons cleaver. Jack said fuck that im going to my bunk and practicing my guitar. lance kelly liz and mike all went back in the woods to get some wood to start a fire. liz had got lost and was yelling u guys where r u. then all the sudden a man in ripped clothes and a bloddy hockie mask came out of no where and stabed her in the throat with his butcher knife. mean while Jack was in his bunk playing his guitar when all the sudden he heard a noise. he went outside the bunck to c what it was then he saw jason. jason had knocked him threw the window and took his pick axe and stuck it in his stomach.mike kelly and lance where scared when they saw a man in the woods looking at them they ran and then lance had tripped and was gutted by jason with a axe. kelly and mike were the only 2 left. they went into the bunk and locked the door kelly had climed to the top bunk when she saw uncle marty with a knife in his head lying right next 2 her. thats when jason busted right threw the door and he picked up mike put the fan at the highest it could go and he chopped mikes head off. Kelly was the only one left. she escaped while she could and went to aunt jessies room. aunt jessie wasnt there. she went to the storage room and found a shotgun she then saw aunt jessie with a chainsaw in her back. jason came in with a bloody cork screw in his hand he stabbe kelly in the chest then kelly shot him in the chest with the shot gun. jason dropped. she was sop scared. then jason got up. she took a can of gas and a lighter and threw it at jason it had caused a explosion. but kelly survive with a cork screw stab in her chest a she was burned in her leg and arm. she went to the camp crystal lake lobby and called the police. the police where lokking around when kelly went back to the storage room. jason was gone. she looked around and saw a shadow. she screamed. she ran out and told the cops. jason is gone. the cops hands had blood in them and then there was a knife in his chest then all the sudden jason came from behind the ambulance and rased a cleaver at kelly...........

the end