Coffin Joe



What makes for horror these days?

Scary Movie was a great movie, even though it wasn't scary. Was Scream really that scary?

I liked The Sixth Sense, but did it horrify you?

Horror movies these days seem to be about suspense, not horror. Alfred Hitchcock was a great director of suspense movies... not horror movies. Don't get me wrong here, Psycho was a great horror movie, but most of his work was suspenseful stuff... not horrific stuff.

I might get into trouble for saying this, but I've never liked Anne Rice novels. All the sex and faggy posturing just turned me off. I like vampires that simply rip someone's guts out and move on.

Most horror movies these days are too cerebral. I like The Cell, but it delivers on the gore and wretchedness. Final Destination made you think, but it also showed you beheadings. I like that.

I look forward to Jason X in the hope that it will return to it's splatterpunk roots and deliver the disemboweling goods. But if it doesn't, I'll still blame the MPAA and the PTC.

I firmly belive that the sorry state of horror movies today is related to all the crap that the MPAA, Al and Tipsy Gore, and even the PTC have put us through

This November, Smackdown! your vote. Vote Bush. Vote Slasher.

Horror movies can make us think. I have no problem with that. But if it's just thinking and no scary bits, call it what it is... Suspense.

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