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Wednesday, March 14

By Triple A

Hey, hey, hey. Thanks for stopping by for today's edition of the news and rumors. News has seemed to slow down today, but nonetheless, there are a few interesting tidbits to discuss. So without further delay, here are today's news and rumors.

The WWF taped its weekly Smackdown! and Heat tapings last night in Anaheim, California. Due to the taping being in California, there was no satellite feed last night, so we were unfortunately unable to do our weekly live Smackdown taping results. However, they should (hopefully) be back next week. Either way, results of last night's tapings are available and can be viewed by clicking HERE.

There has been a lot of talk lately regarding Tommy Dreamer possibly receiving a job with the WWF. Dreamer was apparently backstage at Raw is War two weeks ago, and with Paul Heyman being added to the WWF's team recently, you can bet he has put in more than a few good words for Dreamer, who was his right hand man in ECW, not only wrestling in the ring, but with several backstage and company issues. There have been rumors that Dreamer may be brought in for an office job, given his injury riddled body, but there is also talk now that if Dreamer is brought in, he will be used as a wrestler. His last few ECW matches showed that he definitely still has the heart to wrestle with his injuries, and still can take more bumps than a lot of other wrestlers these days (CW Anderson Spinebuster through a backwards table in the corner).

Some of you may have noticed that Rhino did not wrestle any dark matches at Raw or Smackdown this week, as he has been doing for the past several weeks. According to Dave Scherer, Rhino was actually backstage at both WWF shows this week, but the WWF did not use him for either. Could this be a sign that he's just about ready to debut? I hope so, but it appears that the WWF is holding out on a lot of things until after WrestleMania.

Nova reportedly was going to wrestle a "tryout" dark match at last night's WWF Smackdown tapings in Anaheim, but could not make it to the show due to transportation problems, according to Wade Keller.

It was reported this week that production will start on The Rock's upcoming film, "The Scorpion King," today, March 14, in Los Angeles, California. Shooting for the movie will continue afterwards, in hopes of having the film ready for a Christmas 2001 release. "The Scorpion King" is the "prequel" to "The Mummy" and "The Mummy 2," which will be released this summer and features The Rock in the role of the villain, The Scorpion King. However, in the movie "The Scorpion King," The Rock will play the lead role once again, but will have a heroic role rather than a villain's role. The Hollywood Reporter explains the story like this: "'Scorpion King' is a spinoff based on the character the Scorpion King, played by World Wrestling Federation star the Rock, in 'The Mummy Returns.' The story centers on how the Scorpion King came to conquer Egypt. The character starts as a heroic peasant who defeats his enemies and overcomes huge obstacles to become the first pharaoh of Egypt." Due to The Rock's important role in the film, it appears that he will have to be on the set very frequently, possibly even almost every day, meaning he could miss a few WWF events after his match against Steve Austin at WrestleMania. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the WWF worked out some sort of deal that would make sure the movie did not interfere with the Rock's WWF television schedule, which includes Monday and Tuesday nights. Either way, I guess we'll have to wait and see. It was also reported that Kelly Hu, who plays a role on CBS's "Martial Law," will play the lead female role in the film. According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Hu, who is skilled in karate and kickboxing, will play Cassandra, a prisoner of the evil Warlord, whom the Scorpion King must defeat. Her relationship with the Scorpion King evolves eventually to a love interest."

I mentioned in yesterday's report that it seemed like Jim Ross was genuinly not happy with working with Paul Heyman on Raw, and seemed like he was ignoring almost everything he said for most of the show. According to Dave Scherer, reports are that there is some legitimate minor "tension" between Jim Ross and Paul Heyman. It seems to me that most of that tension is by Jim Ross. Paul Heyman seemed like he was trying hard to get along, but no matter what he did, Jim Ross either ignored him or told him to "shut up." However, according to Dave Scherer, there isn't such a huge problem with the situation, since both men will eventually get used to working with each other, and reports are that Vince McMahon thinks that a little tension between the two will elevate everyone's performance.

XFL staff members and team coaches have been meeting regularly as of late to discuss possible rule changes for the league to help make it more exciting. According to the Wrestling Observer, there was another meeting last night in California.

Just a quick reminder: Stone Cold Steve Austin will be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight on NBC. The show airs at 11:35 PM EST.

Another quick reminder: As mentioned Monday night on Raw, Vince McMahon will be on "On the Record with Bob Costas" on HBO tonight at 11:00 PM EST.

There will be a "Countdown to WrestleMania Party" at WWF New York on Friday, March 23. posted the following information about the event: "92.3 K-Rock and the World Wrestling Federation present 'The Countdown to WrestleMania Party.' On Friday, March 23, K-Rock's Cane and Cabbie will be broadcasting live from WWF New York! The event will feature appearances by your favorite WWF Superstars -- Triple H, Tazz, Tori, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Jacqueline, the Dudley Boyz and Howard Finkel -- and a special live performance by Island recording artist SALIVA. THE MANIA STARTS AT 6 P.M. Get in free with your 92 FREE CARD from K-Rock."

WCW has informed the Harris Brothers, Scotty O, Kevin Northcutt, and Mark Johnson, that they will be released from their contracts, according to Dave Scherer. This is another cost cutting measure for WCW, which has released several female superstars and former Hardcore Champion, Crowbar, recently.

Brad Siegel had another meeting with Time Warner officials earlier today about the WCW sale to Fusient, according to Dave Meltzer. There is no real word about how the meeting went, but last was heard, Siegel was trying to keep the deal alive rather than put the final touches on it and close it out.

According to Dave Scherer, WCW has told Ric Flair to try to take a more serious approach to his on-air character. They have reportedly told him to try to be less animated, and stop "whooing" so much. Honestly, I don't see why WCW has decided to make this move, since Flair's "animated" character makes him entertaining.

It's just about time to wrap this one up. Fred Venturini has written another great edition of XFL Blitz, which includes a recap of this past week, thoughts on technology in the XFL, possible replacements for Jerry Lawler besides Dick Butkus, and more. With that, it's about time to end this one. Until next time...

Triple A