Coffin Joe

Friday the 13th Part 8

Country boy Jason Voorhees finally tires of the woods and decides to make his first trip to the big city. After a jolt of juice from a submerged power cable, Jason rises from the bottom of Crystal Lake and hitches a ride on a Big Apple bound freighter full of graduating high school teens.

The main problem with Jason Takes Manhattan (besides it's lame-o 1-Dimensional characters) is that most of the action takes place on the boat. By the time the film reaches NY, most of the starving actors have been killed off. Writer/Director Rob Hedden gets an "A" for effort, but while the concept of bringing Jason to NY looked good on paper, it just didn't translate to the Big Screen.

Stuntman Kane Hodder (House, Deep Star Six) marks a Friday first as the only person to play Jason twice. He donned the mask in Part 7. Also, Jason supposedly speaks. It was intended to be later in the film, but the scene was cut, and the speech is heard as a voice over at the begining.

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