Coffin Joe

Friday the 13th Part 6

Fortunately, the producers had the foresight to stop Friday the 13th's new begining before it became too late. Completely ignoring the end of the last film, the sixth chapter marks the glorious return of Jason.

In order to prove to himself that Jason is really gone, Tommy Jarvis returns to Crystal Lake to cremate Jason's corpse. A well-placed lightning bolt, however, reanimates Jason's body (with super-human strength, no less) and Crystal Lake's most infamous resident returns to do what he does best.

Tom McLoughlin's decision to not take this film too seriously is what makes this film work. McLoughlin intercuts scenes of horror and comedy and even parodies the opening of the popular James Bond movies. Also, by making Jason a member of the "Living Dead" club, the writer/director transforms Jason from a mass murderer to a true horror icon.

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