Coffin Joe

Friday the 13th Part One

This is the one that started it all. Following the murder of two counselors in 1958, Camp Crystal Lake is shut down. Twenty years later, a new bunch of counselors attempt to reopen the camp, but things turn deadly as the teens are knocked off one by one until a single counselor, Alice, remains.

The unseen murder finally reveals herself as Mrs. Voorhees, the former camp cook whose son Jason drowned in the lake back in 1957. Mrs. Voorhees manages to corner Alice on the lake's beach, but following a struggle, the insane woman is beheaded with a machete. A final nightmare sequence suggests that Jason still lives and is enraged over his mother's death.

Although Friday The 13th was considered to be extremly gory, the movie is by far the least graphic in the series. Director/producer Sean Cunningham creates an amusing blend of blood and mystery in this slasher original. Legendary FX man Tom Savini provided the instances of gore. And everyone's favorite actor, Kevin Bacon, makes one of his first appearances as a counselor that ends up on the wrong end of an arrow.

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