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Every Friday at midnight, Coffin Joe himself sends out an original short story to all his fans on his mailing list. Of course, if you don't know Portugese, you'll have a hell of a time reading them. Keep in mind, José Mojica Marins wrote this himself, and I mearly turned it into English.

Botanical Garden

Andres, an eccentric millionaire, needed a new assistant to take care of his pretty botanical garden. Fabio filled the requirements, being fascinated by the beauty of the plants. The trees seemed to be most impressive to him. They seemed to be full of life and had trunks with human-like contours. It was the only garden in the botanical paradise. He is walking when something touches him. He doesn't see anybody. At first, he's terrified, but after looking around for a moment, he's embarrassed to realize that it was only a twig from one of the trees.

Suddenly, while he's looking, he finds himself surrounded by some very large trees. It seemed like a nightmare. All those trees looked like monsters in his way. However, the resemblance to humans was not mere coincidence. They were carnivorous, hungry trees; they fed themselves with human beings, and Fabio was their next meal.

Copyright 1998 José Mojica Marins
Translated by DiRT

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